How to Track Your Order

Check your email inbox for your tracking number

When you place an order with us, you will receive a confirmation email after placing the order, and a second confirmation email once your order has shipped.

The shipment confirmation email will include a Tracking Number and a link, which will take you to the carrier's website for tracking the package.


Find the tracking number online through the My Account page

Log in to your Concordia Supply account by clicking on My Account.

Click on Orders > Order History. This will bring up a list of all past and current orders.

Locate the order you'd like to track a package for. Look under the column for 'Track Items'. Click the associated link and you will see updated tracking information on the carrier's website.

Can't Find Tracking Through the Methods Above?

Incorrect email address?

The most common issue we find is that the email address assigned to the customer account is different from the person who made the specific order. In this case, try to first follow up with the church secretary/accountant/pastor to see if they recieved the "Your Order has shipped" email confirmation that contains the tracking information.

Order still pending fulfillment?

Sometimes when an item is not in stock, your items will ship later than expected. On large orders, we may split the shipment to make sure you recieve the items in stock as soon as possible, while the backorder or on-order items make it to our facility. You will receive separate tracking numbers for each shipment in this case.

Some items will ship directly from the manufacturer to your door. Depending on the manufacturer, this sometimes prevents the tracking informationfrom being sent to the email address. This is because some vendors have less tech savvy processes and procedures for handling orders. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Incorrect shipping address?

This can cause items to be delayed, lost, or returned to our warehouse. We will usually call to notify you if this occurs, but errors in shipping address will always cause delays. Please make sure your address is entered correctly before placing an order.
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