Interested in our unique Church Billing / Invoicing service? This is just one of the ways we try to make your experience with us as seamless and easy as possible!

What is Church Billing / Church Invoicing?

In short, this allows a church to order now, and pay later!
This is a unique service that Concordia Supply offers exclusively to churches. If your church has multiple people who will be ordering supplies for your church (i.e. Communion supplies, VBS materials, Bulletins), it's often simpler and easier to have the church "billed" rather than pay up-front with credit cards or checks by mail.

Church Billing allows multiple individuals to place orders for the church, which are then "invoiced" and mailed to the church billing address, where they can be handled by a single Treasurer / Accountant for payment and record-keeping.

Once your account is set up for Church Billing, simply proceed to checkout and select "Invoice" under the Payment options on the Billing information page.

What are Terms?

The general starting terms for Church Billing is Net 30, which means that open invoices should be paid within 30 days of the date that the invoice is issued.

We offer some extended terms for VBS items upon request, so be sure to enter your estimated VBS date when checking out so we have it for reference.

To see if you qualify for Church Billing / Invoicing, click here.

We are thankful to offer this service and pray it is a blessing to you and your church community.

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