If we are doing a 4-day program, which day do you recommend we cut?

Day 2 or Day 3

If you can only do a 3-day program, what days do you recommend?

Days 1,2,4 or 1, 4, 5.

Where can I find the master supply list?

The supply lists are posted on VBS Tools as a Word document and PDF, by station and then within each station by day. There is not a master list just by day. However, new this year, we have created an Excel version that has a Master tab and then each station has its own tab. People can manipulate the info into whatever format works best for them!

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What was Group's reasoning behind moving from crafts to Imagination Station?

Imagination Station was designed to engage kids of all ages with experiments and object lessons that connect to the daily Bible point. Each day generally includes a large group experiment or object lesson that ties to the point before focusing in on the individual Sciency-Fun Gizmos that kids get to take home with them and use again and again. Items from Imagination Station tend to last longer, and holds kids interest longer, than crafts. They are more excited to show how a Sciency-Fun Gizmo works and explain how it ties to the Bible Point.
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