I wanted to download music but when I went to check out there was an additional fee for shipping. Why is there a shipping fee?

The cards are a physical product so they are subject to a shipping fee just like anything else.

Why do we have to pay shipping, and wait for cards to be delivered which have the code needed to download music?

The main reason for this is the cards give the director a physical item to send home with kids. If we just sold codes, they'd have to individually e-mail or print the unique codes to distribute. The cards make it much simpler to give away or sell.

Are the digital music cards returnable?


What are copyright/download guidelines with respect to the Digital Music Cards?

The terms of use for this card are not any different than the terms of use for the actual download, which does not include duplication:

For Music Recording Content: You may download music to an electronic device (such as computer, i-Pod, or cell phone), and may then transfer music files or backup music files to no more than five (5) electronic devices. You shall be entitled to download music Content solely for non-commercial personal or ministry use. You may not use this music content on CDs, DVDs, or multimedia products for distribution without permission. This does not include Video Content.

Are there music downloads available for purchase on the group website?

We do not have the music page anymore. VBS music for past programs (Group owned music) is now available on iTunes. On iTunes search for "groupmusic" (no spaces).

How long are the skits in the Roar Skit Videos?

The run time for each skit on the Roar Skits on the DVD are as follows:
Day 1 - 2:31
Day 2 - 1:51
Day 3 - 2:08
Day 4 - 3:36
Day 5 - 2:47

Are there hand motions for the Bible Verses?

Yes, there are hand motions included in the Preschool KidVid Leader Manuals.

Are there chord sheets for roar and not just the sheet music?

Yes, there are cords included the lead shet, above the music

Whar are the lengths of the KidVid videos?

The run time for each video are as follows:
Day 1 - 5:03
Day 2 - 3:29
Day 3 - 4:08
Day 4 - 4:28
Day 5 - 4:15
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