1._What is the recommended surface for the Tumble Drums? Poster board? Foam board? Tile?_

The Tumble Drum works on any surface and it’s fun for the kids to try it on different surfaces as well.

2._What is recommended surface for Catapults? Hungry Hoopoes gizmos? Would Poster board and/or Foam board work?_

Any flat surface will work fine for both the Catapults and Hungry Hoopoes.

3._What is the recommended surface for Optichrome? Poster board? Foam Board? Tile?_

They work on all surfaces, but probably work best on a smooth surface. So if your floor is tile or uneven like the one at our field test, just lay down some poster board.

4._How do I use the Disappearing Dipper experience on Day 5?_

Group has updated pg. 40 of the Imagination Station Leader Manual to better reflect the Disappearing Dipper experience. The new page is available here: https://vbstools.group.com/easy­vbs­ 2019/imagination­station­day­5­update/

5._What's the best surface for kids to use for the Imagination Station Gizmos?_

We recommend testing the items in the Imagination Station Sample Pack in the Starter kit on the surface that the kids will be working on and if they aren’t working, then go with the poster board.

6._What is the recommended size coin for disappearing coin experiment on page 38 of manual?_

A quarter

7._How do I get the Hungry Hoopoe birds to fly?_

Hungry Hoopoe Tips
The Hungry Hoopoes are shipped in a clear package with a rubber band around the bird to keep the “wings” flat.
The Hungry Hoopoes need to get “out of their nest.”
Do this by taking the Hoopoe Bird out of the packing and remove the rubber band.
Open the mouth of the bird and you’ll see a rubber band down the center and a clear glue dot on the inside of one of the “cheeks” of the bird.
Use one hand to hold the bird by the tail and your other hand to open and close the mouth of the bird, to allow the glue dot to become “less sticky.” The more the mouth of the birds is “opened and closed”, the quicker your bird will “fly.”
Lay the Hungry Hoopoe on a table or floor, and gently press it almost flat. The remove your hand and wait for it to pop up.

Here a link to the updated video and post with Hungry Hoope tips!
https://vbstools.group.com/easy­vbs­ 2019/imagination­station­hungry­hoopoe/
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