Where do I find the Decorating Places instructions mentioned in the video?

Is there a trick to getting the branches on the Giving Tree to stand up?

Make sure you have the two tabs in the middle of the tree connected with the plastic bolts. 2. Make sure the bottom of the limbs are slid all the way into the trunk. Sometimes if they aren’t all the way in they will slouch forward. 3. The one last recommendation would be place the limbs in the trunk so that the way that they were folded in the box are going in the opposite direction from each other. So you would leave the back limb in place and flip the front limb around so that when it tries to fold, it’s folding in the opposite direction from the back limb and that might create some balance.

Is there a video available on how to assemble the Operation Kid-2-Kid Tree?

Yes, you can find it here
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